I created this site so that I could share my interest in chess and consolidate in one place all the chess links I use most often. As an avid chess player, I love the game. I used to play in my high school (Starpoint in Lockport, NY) scholastic league. Now I’m starting to explore USCF tournaments. I enjoy everything from tactic puzzles, to biographies of great chess players, to online chess play to meeting new chess players.

On a personal note, I?m a college student at Saint Johns River State College. I completed the Emergency Medical Technician program and now am starting on Nursing. I also play guitar,write science fiction, and train my Pomeranian puppy.

I run an Amazon affiliate store for exclusively chess items. Since my store is devoted to Chess only, it is easier to find chess items at my my store. Payments and shipping are all handled at Amazon, and they send me a small percentage when people buy via my Chess Cottage Store.

Thank you for your interest and support.